breech turned vertex (birth story)

Jen reached out to me when she was nearing her estimated due date (have I mentioned I hate due dates yet?) and wanted a video of her birth. You will see that I also snapped a few photos. She was so inspiring and has this gigantic heart. This was going to be her first daughter after fostering and adopting two boys. I knew it would be a really special birth to be a part of. Now, on to the birth!

Actually, one more thing before I start. Jen's baby was in a breech presentation a few weeks prior to meeting me and she transferred care to an OB who would be comfortable delivering a breech baby if necessary. He did an EVC (external cephalic version) where he essentially turns baby around from the outside and it was successful, making baby head down for delivery (vertex). So one morning Jen went in for a check up and received a membrane sweep where her water was accidentally ruptured (this is incredibly uncommon, but is a risk of membrane sweeping). This technically became an induction of labor and away she went. Things had a slow start and I joined at the hospital in the afternoon. She was resting, surging intermittently but not too uncomfortable. Some hours passed, and she ripped off her belly band monitors and got in the shower. Over time, things intensified, she was monitored for 10 minutes every hour and rotated around the room spending a good amount of time in the shower. Warm water can be so comforting during labor and the gravity of standing up is a great way for baby to move down. At one point, Jen's baby had an elongated deceleration which influenced the nurses to give her Turbutaline (stops the uterus from contracting for a short time). This slowed things down, but hours passed any labor heated back up. By early morning the next day Jen's cervix was complete and she quickly pushed her baby into this world with amazing power. It was a beautiful thing watching Julie be born.