waiting on Eoin (birth story)

I often crush on my clients, either because I want to be there friends right after we meet one time or because I want to be them. Hideko was both. She hired me to shoot the birth of her son, Eoin and was delivering at Del Mar. So I was all in. I love shooting at Del Mar Birth Center and I loved Hideko.

She labored forever. I mean forever. This mama worked for days. After many text and calls and updates we all finally came together at Del Mar when she was 6 centimeters. More hours passed, she labored in the tub, the shower, walked and rocked. Eventually, a decision was made for her to transfer her care to California Hospital, receive an epidural and get some much needed sleep. I stayed back and waited for the epidural to be done and for my call to return back when it was decided for me to just wait and let everyone rest.

Eoin ended up having a different plan for his trip earth side and Hideko had a belly birth instead of a planned vaginal delivery. Given restrictions at the hospital in the OR and in recovery rooms it became best for me to meet Eoin at their home once everyone had time to recover. So that is what we did.