One of the greatest blessings we had for the birth of our first baby was being referred to Knocked Up Services to have our birth video taped! Ally is truly amazing!!!! She is extremely professional and passionate about what she does. She took the time to get to know me a bit before the birth and make sure my husband and I were comfortable with what her services would entail. She even offered to come to our home to capture footage of our pre-labor prior to going to the hospital. As soon as we contacted Ally to let her know we were in labor, she arrived right away and got straight to work never leaving our side throughout the entire labor and after to capture my husband and I bonding with our new baby. Even though this was our first time meeting with Ally in person, we clicked right away! She brought such a sense of calm, peace and light with her. Although she was 'like a fly on the wall' just like she said she would be, it was extra reassuring to have a doula present at our birth and she was extremely encouraging while she worked diligently to document our labor capturing the moment perfectly! We loved the balance of raw and tender moments she highlighted in our videos. I cried when I saw the footage for the first time and felt so grateful that we will have the special moments that took place that day recorded for us to cherish forever. We could tell Ally was amazingly talented but she blew us away with her extremely quick turnaround of our birth announcement video a couple days after the birth and the longer video within less than a week!!!! We can't wait to share it will all our friends and family!!! It's so obvious Ally loves what she does and it shines through in her work!

-Priscilla S

We could not imagine our birth experience without Ally! She quickly came to my side when our son decided to arrive 5 weeks early while my husband was out of town. Not only did she provide a calming, supportive presence, but she simultaneously held her iPhone so my husband could witness my labor and delivery via Facetime on the plane and in the airport. Her reassurance and coaching during my quick and intense labor gave me the confidence and strength I needed. And at my 6 week postpartum appointment my OB mentioned how much she loved working with Ally. It was obvious to me that the birth team at the hospital respected her and she respected them. Needless to say, Ally will always be a positive part of our birth story and we hope she'll be there for the next one!

-Becky Rogers


Ally was an absolute miracle for us. She is an amazing combination of in-tune, informed, chill, loving, caring, playful, and supportive. I had no plans of having a doula until my wife suggested such. I was hesitant. I can't imagine having brought my son into this world without her. She was a godsend for my wife and for me as well. I'll never forget the wisdom she provided and the impact she had on the welcoming of our little on.

-Michael W


for all of the clients I've served and for their

kind words. 

If you would like to read more reviews, or would like references, please don't hesitate to ask.

Ally Zonsius was AMAZING and so great for our 2nd child's delivery. We didn't use a doula with our first daughter and thought that we could survive the 2nd without one, but we were wrong. Not only did she spend time with us in pre-meetings discussing what did/didn't work with our first delivery, she made sure all of our concerns were addressed and resolved during labor/delivery. She was our advocate and came with so many supplies that helped a very long and painful labor (all night) go more smoothly. When I said I wanted to go in the shower, she was in there with me in her bathing suit for what seemed like hours, literally holding me up when my contractions overtook me and I felt like collapsing. I can't thank her enough for taking care of me and my family. Not once did she take a break, but instead gave my mom and husband a chance to rest as we were at it all night long. She knew they would need to be rested to help me and the baby after delivery. And did I mention she does photography too?!?!?! I still tear up looking at those beautiful first moments she captured for us. We can’t recommend her enough.

-Michelle M

Love love love Ally!!! She is so sweet and knowledgeable and helpful. She made me feel so comfortable and confident in my birthing journey. I am so appreciative of her services.

-Jessica D

We hired Ally at the last minute (a few days before my due date) and it was a great decision.  She was super efficient about getting to know us and what we wanted for the birth in a short time frame. I could say a lot about Ally but I think the most ringing endorsement is: I birthed a 9lb 9oz baby, on pitocin, without an epidural.There is no way I could have done it without Ally. She was great about helping me find positions I could use on or close to the bed (due to monitoring) and worked really well with my husband, my doctor and the nurses at Good Sam. She also kept in touch after the birth to make sure we were doing well.

-Rachel D

I could not picture the birth of my son without the caring support of Ally Zonsius. Ally was my birth doula during the pregnancy and labor for my first child. Prior to delivery, Ally made several house visits where we discussed my birth plan as well as pregnancy issues and preparing for labor. I immediately could tell that Ally was a warm, supportive, knowledgeable person who made me feel at ease and strong when facing a new experience. During my labor, Ally was with me and my husband the entire time, helping me to work through contractions with breathing exercises, movement, a birth ball, and a soothing environment. Ally inspired me to draw on strength I didn't know I had. When my labor did not go as planned, and I was preparing for a c-section, Ally continued to support us every step of the way. In addition to being our birth doula, Ally provided us with birth photos and a video. With great artistry, she captured those first magical moments when my husband and I met our son. I am so happy to have these photos and a loving video of these first moments. Ally also provided placenta encapsulation, delivering the placenta capsules just days after birth along with a beautiful umbilical cord keepsake. Her love and hard work was evident here as well. Even weeks after birth, Ally keeps in touch and checks in on our new family. Ally was an integral part of the birth of my son, and I am so thankful for her support.

-Jessica C

I have never been more eager to give a review to someone more deserving and amazing than Ally. She was an absolutely PIVOTAL person of support in the birthing room. Ally brought calmness, confidence and an overall soothing presence to my birth, and having her there made a huge positive impact on the overall experience. She was invaluable. She got the videos and photos to us within 48 hours and did EXACTLY as we asked - everything turned out even better than I anticipated. She takes direction very well. Our family and friends love the footage and I'm so grateful we made the decision to have her there, so we can share the experience with our daughter when she's older.

I'm impressed with her professionally, both as a doula and videographer. Really couldn't be happier.

-Haven Miller

My husband and I booked Ally at the extreme last minute (a few weeks before the due date), but it wasn't an issue. She accepted the job and took everything in stride. And it was the best decision we made in the months leading up to the birth. She is awesome. Extremely nurturing, knowledgeable, and personable. The prepartum and postpartum consultations were of course very helpful, but her skills during the birth were key. She was the perfect calming presence during the intensity of labor. She deftly handled me, my husband, and the hospital staff with ease while delivering constant massage! She made the experience of childbirth as enjoyable and tolerable as possible. We will definitely use Ally again if the need arises. Highly recommended all around.

-Corina S

Ally is hands down the best thing that happened to us in our birth, aside from our amazing baby of course. She came to me as a friend of a friend and I wasn't so sure I wanted or needed a doula. But we decided to work with her since we had no clue what we were doing. haha!Afterward, both my husband and I were so grateful we had her there-we would have been lost without her! Our birth story got a bit complicated and, as an FTM with no idea what was going on, having her there to coach us through gave us such relief. On top of that, she's a gorgeous, vibrant, nurturing energy that's a total bonus in addition to the professionalism she offers. Down to her staying on top of oils in the room to lighten the vibe, music, massage...coaching. She's. Just. Awesome. Get her while she's hot!
I could go on forever but all you really need to know is that you will not be disappointed. We love Ally, she'll always have a special place in our hearts for what she did for us.

-Maria K

We are so grateful for Ally's presence during our labor and delivery. This was a particularly challenging birth, but thanks to her deep knowledge, expert guidance, handy tools, and steady calm we were able to get through it with our minds intact! The sheer duration of the process (36 hours) left her on very little sleep (20 minutes, if that!) and food, but she went above and beyond in addressing both of our needs. It was a pleasure having her help bring our son into the world and we won't forget everything that she - and her husband, who drove to the hospital to deliver an exercise ball! - did for us! She reminded us of our various birth preferences and helped us think through various pros and cons whenever we had discussions with the medical professionals. She gently guided us through a rotation of various labor inducing activities. She kept notes of all the goings-on so that we could correctly remember the occasion in the future. She was a great conversationalist when the time called for it. And she was extremely resourceful, incorporating the shower, the rebozo, the exercise ball, light- and aromatherapy, and when all else seemed to fail, diligently enlisting her Facebook network of doulas in our cause. She was perfect and we enthusiastically recommend her.

-Natalie M

The BEST decision I made regarding the birth of my daughter almost 1 year ago was to have Ally there by my side. I hired her as my videographer/photographer and she ended up being so much more. It was a rough labor and an even rougher delivery. I was losing hope and she knew exactly what I needed to hear to push me through it and keep my focus going. I was clueless, and she gave me so much confidence and even helped me with understanding my options by explaining better than the doctors could... including my postpartum questions weeks after going home. I met a few other birth photographers during my search, but I knew from the moment we met that she was the one I wanted in that room with me, and my husband 100% agreed. THE BEST DECISION we made, and the best money we spent. Ally is worth every single penny, and I would do it again and again with each of my future children. Ally, thank you for being the one thing that made me feel safe during such a scary time. LOVE YOU!!!

-Tamanna R

So happy I found Ally!  I was around 35 weeks pregnant and could not find a doula that I loved.  I came across Ally and was able to set up an interview right away.  Once we met, I knew I found the perfect doula.  Loved her energy and I'm all about positive energy!
I was in labor for 33 hours with no epidural and Ally was there for my husband and I the entire time.  I wanted to go as natural as possible and at one point, I wanted the epidural because I just could not handle the pain.  I'm soooooo glad I didn't get it thanks to Ally. Not everything went as planned on our Birth Plan, but we have a happy and healthy baby. 
I also used her for placenta encapsulation and so happy I did.  There was a day where I was in a funk and immediately remembered that I forgot to take my placenta pill.  I felt really good after my pregnancy and I know the placenta pills helped me get through the day!

-Nancy S

For my third and final baby I knew that I wanted to capture the moment with professional photography. When I found Ally's website and saw her amazing birth videos, I knew that a video was really what I wanted. Ally's style was different than any other birth videographer I found. Sleek, simple, and pure are the words I would use to describe Ally's style. She is truly an artist. We decided to go with a short video and lots of photos for my baby's birth. Ally was sure to meet with our entire family in person (on a Sunday night even!) to get an idea of what we were looking for in our video and to take note of my modesty/comfort level. The birth didn't quite go as planned--my baby decided to come fast and furious on his due date. I called Ally as soon as I knew it was time and she was at the birthing center within 25 minutes. With only about 15 minutes of filming my baby was born--less than an hour total of labor. Ally still not only managed to create the perfect timeline video of the birth, she also tuned-in to my needs in those early first moments. She helped me get extra pillows and find my socks from the overnight bag. These little things made a lasting impression on my experience. I felt like I had a doula, but this is just how caring Ally is. Also, her turn-around time with the photos and video was lightening-fast. She had everything ready--color and black & white--within a few days. Lastly, for anyone that is unsure of investing in a professional birth video or photos, I will say that I have absolutely no regrets. In our video, Ally captured a beautiful moment between me and my grandmother meeting her great grandson for the first time. My grandmother has recently passed away, and I am so happy to have this beautiful memory captured on film forever.

-Sarah Z.

I used Knocked Up Birth Service for placenta encapsulation and I couldn't have been more satisfied! Ally is warm, kind, thoughtful, and professional. She worked with the rules and restrictions of the hospital and made sure, no matter what, to finish the encapsulation and drop off the pills before my milk came in. 
When she arrived at the hospital postpartum, I was still vulnerable. She sensed my weariness and sat attentively and listened to my birth story, offering encouraging words and strength. 
The pills she delivered were packaged in a bottle with clear instructions. She even dehydrated my umbilical cord in the shape of a adorable touch:) 
Ally is so thorough and so thoughtful she texted almost everyday day the week after delivering the pills to see how I was feeling and if I had any questions. 
Well after I finished taking the pills, I reached out to her with concern about my milk production. Within minutes she sent me a lactation cookie recipe (that is delicious) and the phone numbers of two lactation specialists that could help. 
Ally goes the extra mile to make sure you are well taken care of. Her warmth creates a feeling of safety that is so important at such a vulnerable time in a woman's life. I couldn't recommend Ally enough and I'm so glad she was a part of my birth experience.

-Anne. L.